Customer service support for a Real Estate software firm in the USCustomer service support


Axcim was tasked with handling the customer service process of a real estate software firm. The company has users who sign up for their software on a daily basis. Axcim was tasked with their onboard process of new customers, offering customer support through their live chat, and building up certain internal processes.

Starting off our engagement

The team at Axcim initially got on a discovery call with the management of the real estate firm to understand their whole business process and how the whole software system works.

Getting the process done

We at Axcim initially started by structuring the whole customer support section, by arranging knowledge bases documents on the whole software system and the onboarding process, the main purpose for this was so all our customer service agents will always have the correct documents to refer for any of the business process happening within the real estate company.

Next, we structured the whole customer service process by introducing live chat functionalities so that the customers can contact the real estate firm at any moment to get their queries answered.


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